NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

A broad-spectrum program on third day of NAFF 2018 Neum Animated Film Festival

‘Creation of a nation’ by Goran Fazil has also found its ground in the official selection of NAFF. Fazil likes to emphasize that he was born in former Yugoslavia. He studied Studio Arts at College of Idaho and Art History at Boise State Univeristy. He is currently living and working in the US and is passionate about painting and drawing. Within the festival program, Fazil held a master-class on animation in the United States.

“When it comes to animation, festivals tend to be quite passive in a way that here is way more interaction inside gallery spaces and museums once animation is presented because it allows a wider spatial communication whereas at the festivals it is pretty much one-sided.”

“I really liked the film ‘The box’ which tells a story about a Syrian boy by a British author. The war-themed narrative resonated with me because my film ‘Creation of a nation’ also talks about migration, ritual, leaders and destruction.”- added Fazil.

“I also really liked the film ‘Merry-Go-Round’ because story-wise, it stood out from all other films in the official selection that day. Another film I liked was from our neighbouring country, Croatia, by author Andrej Rehak, called ‘Bobo’. It is a story about a tiny Bobo who was the shortest boy in the world which made him really sad because- he was the size of a ball.”

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