NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

Nearly 2000 films from 90 countries were applied 2020 Neum Animated Film Festival

NAFF has receieved record number of films from record number of countries this year. This year we have received 1960 films from 90 countries: France, Romania, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Denmark, Argentina, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Croatia, Slovenia, Uruguay, Japan, South Africa, Italy, China, Israel, Australia…

NAFF Competition program will include 67 animated films, whereas Panorama Program will include 31 film.

Our program selector this year is Aleta Rajič who has selected films for both Competition and Panorama Program, presenting animated films from 33 countries from all over the world.

Projections of films will be locally organized in, thus far, festival 'exstension-cities' such as: Mostar, Dubrovnik, Cetinje and Jelsa. The official jury members are, once again this year, a number of chosen individuals with a socially and culturaly relevant artistic background such as literature, film, production etc., and this year we have chosen five professionals who will choose the best of the best at NAFF 2020. Aside from Neum and Mostar, NAFF was planned on being held in a couple of cities outside BiH such as Dubrovnik, Cetinje and Jelsa, which is not the first time NAFF has crossed boarders with animation.

All the interested authors and animators as well as the jury of NAFF20200 will share their thoughts, opinions and experiences on animation through an online video-conference which will be available for all the participants of the festival to see.
Catalogue Naff 2021

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