NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

2007 Neum Animated Film Festival (Neum 29. 06. – 04. 07. 2007.) In "Working part of festival" there were 48 participants and 5 professors from Serbia, Croatia, Italy and BiH. Teachers were: Vladimir Stanić, Ivan Čačić, Vlatko Filipović, Mirza Ibrahimpašić, Kenan Tuzi, Azra Hajro Lojo, Sanja Rajič-Banjac, Dalibor Rajninger and Jurinko Rajič.

32 students participated for the first time on this camp, and the former 16 participants were working on the new film "Stara kuća sred Mostara" .During the "Working part of the festival" participants have looked 90 films and 43 films which are directly going into the "Competition part of the festival" which will be held from 29.5.2007 to 05.07.2007 in Neum.

Organised by the Neum Studio and co-organised by the Municipality of Neum , NAFF 2007 was held from 29 June to 4 July. During this period the film audience had the opportunity to see 46 films within the Competition Programme and 36 achievements within the Panorama Programme.

Award winners were decided by the young animators, participants of the Working part of the Festival (except in the case of the Expert Jury Award): Mišel Stojanović, Aleksandar Jurić, Lana Šator, Aleta Rajič, and Mirza Smajović.

They decided together with the Expert Jury were Nikola Majdak – Belgrade, Marin Topić – Mostar, Vlatko Filipović and Nedžad Begović – Sarajevo, and Ivan Čačić – Zagreb about the Grand Prix Award Winner.

Neum Animated Film Festival NAFF 2007 Awards

Grand Prix “Maestro“, Geza M. Toth, Hungary
Expert Jury Award “Novecento – pianiste“, Sarah Van Den Boom , France
Best 2D Animated Film Award “Hard Boiled Chicken“, Arjan Wilschut , Netherlands
Best 3D Animated Film Award “Coucou Clock“, Cailleau Francois , France
Award for Best Animation in Special Technique “Brothers Bearheart“, Riho Unt , Estonia
Best Music Award “Psiho“ (“Psicho“), Libor Pixa, Češka
Best Animated Music Video Award “Ce Que je Suis?”, Joris Clerte , France
(Federalno ministarstvo kulture i sporta)

Award for Special Contribution and Work on the Animated Film Joško Marušić
(Award is presented by the Municipality of Neum)

This year, Festival was again held under he auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of FBiH and Cinematography Foundation of FBiH. The Festival was supported by the Tourism Association of HNŽ (Herzegovina-Neretva Canton) , Hercegovačko Pivo Company , Lijanovići Company, Prohelvetia , and Sarajevo Film Festival.
Members of international expert jury 2007 Neum Animated Film Festival
  Nikola Majdak, born in Valjevo, 1927. Graduated in Art history, FGaculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Lives and works in Belgrade. Author of meny animated and documentary films. In the period between 1973 and 1995 proffesor at Faculty of Drama in Belgrade. For his work in the filmhe was awarded numerous awards in the country and abroad. Member on meny the international film festival s juries. Art director of European festival “Balkanima”.
  Marin Topić, born in Mostar, 1957. He made his first oil painting in 1970. Finished faculty of architecture in 1981 in Sarajevo. Lives and works in Mostar. He studied German painting of 19th century. Has had a great number of exhibitions in the country and abroad till now. He is a member of fine artists association of the BiH Federation.

  Nedžad Begović, born in 1958. in Sarajevo. Profeasion: film director, scriptwriter As a profesional he realized many animated, documentary and short films, as many importante TV serials. He collaborated with ARTE Channel, SwisTV, ZDF, PIONT DE JOUR. He worked as assistant of director in many coproductions. His fils were screened in more than 250 towns all over the world. Wit his first feature film “Totally personal” he was B&H candidate for the Oscar award in 2006. His films were archived in cinemateques in Oberhausen and Paris and in Museum of modern Arts in New York.

  Charly Ivan Čačić, born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1954. He was a member of the Film Worker's Society from 1982 to 1989. Since 1989 he has been a member of the Croatian Independent Artists Society. He has worked as an animator on the all 3 Croatian feature-length films in production of „Croatia Film“: „A Miraculous Forest“, „The Wizard’s Hat“ and „The Helper Hlapic“– by director Milan Blazekovic. He has created his own films – serial “Felix”. “Weekly Dalmatia” Award winner in category of children calendars in 1996

  Vlatko Filipović, He was born in Hutovo,Neum. He is a director, screenwriter and proffesor. Great part of his life and work he has spend in Sarajevo where he finished Philosophy. He is in film since 1961. He has filmed three films and many documentary films and series. Has won many awards in the country and abroad. He has worked as an artist director of “Sutjeska film”. He created documentary and education programme TV BiH. He is teaching on the University of Sarajevo and Mostar.
Members of young jury 2007 Neum Animated Film Festival
  Lana Šator, born in Mostar. Attends Secondary school of fine arts in Mostar, third year. Wishes to go to Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg, but wants to work in animation, which was her greatest wish since she was a child.She is very happy to be a part of a young jury in festival. She is also very happy for being a part of former camps of animated films earlier in Neum, where she met a lot of people who are, like herself, also very interested in animated films.
  Aleksandar Jurić, born in Doboj in 1982, but after three years he already moves to Banja Luku. In 2004 he succesfully gets into the Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka. Beside the classical art education, he is still very interested in comic books, illustrations, digital art and lately, animated film aswell. Thanks to NAFF2007 he gets his first real knowledge of classical animation. Inspirated, he is already working on his first film.

  Mirza Smajović, born in 1988 in Visoko where he lives. Finished Secondary School of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Was part of camp of animated film NAFF2007 in Neum and is very interested in animated film since then. Wishes to go to Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

  Aleta Rajič, born in Čapljina in 1990. Lives in Neum. Student of Secondary Language School in Metković. Interested in animation since childhood. Member of Studio Neum and part of working camps of animated films in Neum since 2003. Worked on few films in Studio Neum production.

  Mišel Stojanović, born in Konjic. Lives in Čapljina. Finished Secondary School of Fine Arts in Mostar. Student of the first year on Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg. Had a numerous group exhibitions and one of his own. Member of many art colonies in BiH and abroad, adn different art workshops.
Films in competition 2007 Neum Animated Film Festival
Hard boild chicken Arjan Wilschent Netherlands 04:30
Mr. Jones 2. Quistein Stene Norway 06:00
Psicho Libor Pixa Czech Republic 09:00
Dreams and desires family ties Joana Quinn United Kingdom 09:50
Coucou clock Caillau Francois France 03:23
Hury up Munchauzen, hury up Maris Brinkmais Latvia 10.00
Ce que je suis Joris Clerete France 04:00
Aba final 8 Anton Huml B&H 00.23
Novecento Sarah Van Der Boom France 17.00
Mr. Short Regina Moreno Spain 06:28
Historia a la gome Eric Blesin Belgium 14.40
Maestro Geza Tot Hungary 04:46
Santa V.S. Claus Chris Doyle Canada 08:49
Toto sapore Sculpture Club Canada 04:31
Skurdulauva Dace Riduze Latvia 12.40
Do not speak Szilagy V Zoltan Hungary 02.00
In the neighbourd of the city Joško Marušić Croatia 09:10
No room for Gerold Daniel Nocke Germany 04:55
Silencium Davor Međurečanin and Marko Meštrović Croatia 10.00
The exzamen Oleg Mints Netherlands 05.30
Čići Jan Bokuslov Czech Republic 03:00
Aple Kenan Tuzi,Esmir Prlja, Arnautavić B&H 03.00
Pociag Goran Stojinić Croatia 08:34
Pecko:Terakot Darko Marković Macedonia 01.30
Paul, the lily of the valley Maria Horvat Hungary 08:00
Dream dwares Dace Riduize Latvia 12:00
Box J.C.Creyes Austria 01:40
Magik muha Muhamed Kafedžić B&H 01:15
The widely travelled little mouse Nagy Lajos Hungary 07:00
Paparaco Jurinko Rajič & Senna M Croatia 04.30
One day Mike Grimshan Canada 04.38
Shelter Sayed Mohsen Hosani Afganistan 04.00
Reboot the world Gaianni Sinni Italy 03.00
Teddy Andre Bergs Netherlands 05.50
Zlindy Stepan Koval Ukraine 12.00
Tango nero Delphine Renard Belgium 11:23
Father and son Joe Chang China 04.50
The water fairy Lajos Nagy Hungary 08:00
Khelčom ' s custmos Jirina Litmanovich Rusija 04:45
The family Luis Zamarela Spain 09:45
Ba yidi Sylvain Tardiveau France 03:20
Brother bears Riho Unt Estonia 21:00
Gack, gack Olaf Encke Germany 04:00
Svetlost Vaclav Švanmajer Czech Republic 08:00
Svemirka Senna M Croatia 04:00
Neum Vesko Kadić B&H 03:00
Malformance - Performance Tomislav Gregl CROATIA 03:49
Panoram 2007 Neum Animated Film Festival
About me Maria Sosnina Rusia 04:45
Mr. Jones2. Quistein Stene Norway 06.00
Mr. Jones3. Quistein Stene Norway 06.00
Dolby family Dalibor Rajninger Srbija 03:38
Zima Jurinko Rajič Croatia 03.30
Left behind Adam Bizantski United Kingdom 03.00
Noa ' s ark Yavor Altakov Bulgaria 02.00
Going to where the teares are Joris Clerte France 03.40
Seks police Carmen Lianos Canada 01:10
De Lupe de Bruno Marc Riba Spain 05:30
Caffe Bouill Stephane Berla France 04:00
One Night Only Cris Dayjin Shry Lanka 04:53
The Lizard Emil Brahe Netherlands 07.00
Jouirnej to Mars Juan Pablo Zamarela Argentina 16.00
Carnivore Reflux Edie While Australija 07:00
Pecko: "Stepenice" Darko Marković Macedonija 01:00
A Tort ou a Raison Joris Clerte Franse 02:00
The Swaggering Porcupine Zsolt Richly Hungary 05:00
Origami Animati Roberto Kossi Italy 10:00
Lost Cargo Pieter Engeles Netherlands 15:00
Carrot of the Theatre Partel Tall Estonija 06:03
The Little Short Sighted Aina Jarvine Estonija 11:22
Domovoy Viktor Azeev Rusija 04:00
Blue, Karma, Tiger Mia Hulterstam Sweden 12:00
Modern World Adam Bizinski United Kigdom 03:00
Paralelepipedosi Marco Lucente Italy 00:24
Horori Emir Delalić B&H 03:40
City Paradise Galle Denis United Kingdom 05:58
Sky Starts Falling Reuben Sutherland United Kingdom 03:00
It is not Sound Trista Namo Norway 04:48
Hitchcock Reuben Sutherland United Kingdom 03:00
Hm, Hm Mohamed Ghazala Egypt 02:17
Childrens Sosuage Markus Wende Germany 03:00
Duplex Goran Trbuljak Croatia 07:45

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