NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

2012 Neum Animated Film Festival (Neum 29.06.2012. - 03.07.2012.) In spite of all the problems that stood int he way of this festival like baricades,and relatively small financial support and still an insufficient local and state interest, organizators have shown, mostly with their creativity that NAFF is a festival that will acomplish a blissful future.

THE AWARD FOR STUDENT FILM goes to a graduate work „ONE MORE TIME“, Russia, Tatiana Okružnova from studio of Alexander Petrov. With her art, idea and approach as an author this film achieves values of a student work.

AWARD FOR OTHER TECHNIQUES Deutch film „EGO“ by Leevi Lehtinen is awarded for a successful use of clay in the film idea.

AWARD FOR OTHER TECHNIQUES Spanish film „SHE“ by Juan Montes de Oca is an extraordinary example of animated music video. A melodramatic approach gives the film a special charm which has to win the viewers.

AWARD FOR DESIGN American film „RENTER“ by Jason Carpenter uses a great drawing that are very coherent and adequate to author's thoughts.

AWARD FOR 2D ANIMATION A Dutch film „COFEE“ by Sjaak Rod is a furious animation with characters that are scetched as well as the background.

AWARD FOR 3D ANIMATION „LAUNDRY DAY“ by Oleg Užinov, Russia, example of a film done by a series show interpreted by the author. Film is a combination of a very functional animation, good design, irresistible characters and a charming story and a life tempo.

It is a privilage where a festival shows a film on which both viewers and jury agree on. This is the case with the film „UNA FORTIVA LAGRIMA“ by Karl Vogel which won the most important award oft he 7th NAFF 2012. This piece, done in a pixilation technique is in all it's elements a really good animated film and has itself , with its qualities, won an award oft his festival

Members of international expert jury 2012 Neum Animated Film Festival
  Amina Begović, born in 1963 in Sarajevo. She graduated from the Academy of performaing arts in Sarajevo in 1986. She has been a regular member of Sarajevo National Theatre’s Drama section. She is the acedemy’s annual award winner in 1958. in Sarajevo. She performed in many theatre plays, TV dramas, series, foreign and BiH films. She has lead many acting workshops and taught ballet in Music high school in Sarajevo.

  Borivoj Dovniković- Bordo, born in Osijek in 1930. He is one of croatian pioneers of animated film and a very significant name in the world of croatian school of animation. He won many international prizes and affirmations. He has shown a retrospective of his work in Paris, Lucca, Moscow, Erevan, Varne, Barcelona, Prague, Bratislava, Tampere, Ottawa, Montreal, Kijevu,New York and other 14 cities in the USA. He participated in the organisation of Zagreb animated film festival from 1985 to 1991. as a director of the festival. He was a member of the jury and the selection comitee on many international festivals. From 1977-1982 Bordo was an executive member of ASIFA- the international association of animated film, and was chosen to be the general secretary of the same association.

  Mike Reiss, won four Emmys and a Peabody Award during his twenty-one years writing for “The Simpsons”. He ran the show in Season 4, which Entertainment Weekly called “the greatest season of the greatest show in history.” In 2006, Reiss received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Animation Writers Caucus. Reiss co-created the animated series “The Critic” and created Showtime’s hit cartoon “Queer Duck” (about a gay duck). “Queer Duck” was named one of “The 100 Greatest Cartoons of All Time” by the BBC. “Reiss’s other TV credits include “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”, “ALF”, and “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”. “My Life in Ruins”, a film inspired by his travels to 71 countries, was released in 2009. Reiss also co-wrote ‘The Simpsons Movie” and “Ice Age 3”, with a combined world-wide gross of $1.5 billion. His caveman detective story “Cro-Magnon P.I.” won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. He has published seventeen children’s books, including the best-seller “How Murray Saved Christmas” and the award-winning “Late for School”. As a professional speaker, Reiss has lectured at over two hundred colleges and institutions, on six continents. Reiss is a former president of “The Harvard Lampoon” and editor of “The National Lampoon”. He has been happily married for twenty-three years. Like most children’s book authors, he has no children.

  Mike L. Murphy, wanted to be animator and filmmaker ever since he was a small child growing up in California. At 17 he dropped out of high school when he was accepted to CalArts (the animation University founded by Walt Disney). Upon graduating Mike’s first film was animating on Brad Bird’s “The Iron Giant”. Mike has worked on over 30films (Lord ofthe Rings, Hary Potter, Ironman and more) as an animator, animation director, pre-visualization supervisor, and film director. He now directs films and mentors animation students.


  Safet Zec, Bosnian-Herzegowinian academic painter and graphic artist. He was born in 1943. in Rogatica and graduated from the Faculty of fine arts in Belgrade in 1969. He becomes one of the leading exponates of poetic realism in the 70s. During the 90s he is one of the most significant artistic creators in the country. He lives and works with family in Belgrade until 1989. In the following years he returns to Sarajevo in the war time which is why he leaves the country. He comes to Udine, Italy the same year. He made over 70 independent exhibitions in his country and great metropolis all around the world. He is a member of all great artistic associations in Europe aswell as a member of ULUBiH. He recieved over 20 professional awards and recognitions. He recieved an orden of his contribution to art and literature from the Republic of France and named a knight(chevalier) of art. His work is among the worlds most significant galleries and private collctions. He is living and working in Venice, Sarajevo, Paris and Počitelj.
Films in competition 2012 Neum Animated Film Festival
1. Dinko Kumanović  Lure 3:12 Hrvatska
2. Wolfram .Kapffmeyer  Walflower Tango 7:14 Germany
3. Adrian  Dexter  Vaesen 6:05 Denmark
4. Azais Frederic,Di Malta Theo, Lymonerie Benjamin,Quillet Adrien Little Tubstone 5:22 France
5. Harmony Bouchard, Andy le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger, Raphael Cenzi Swing of change 6:32 France
6. Sandy Bienvenut, Alexsandra Condoure, Vincent Dromart, Nicolas Quissac, Mathieu Ringot Fair tale 5:27 France
7. Alexsandra Condoure Fan 6:08 France
8. Rimet Benoit, Sor Golivier, Farakas Charles Cross Road 7:17 France
9. Brian Gossart, Jeremy Celeste, Thomas Dufresne, Bailly Josselin, Nastasia Bois Reflet 8:02 France
10. Conrad Tambour The Visit 8:30 Germany 
11. Arthur Qwak  Oscar's oasis 7:00 France
12. Albert Radl Prince rat 14:30 Germany
13. Jason Carpenter The Renter 9:52 USA
14. Okruzhnova Tatiana One mor time 2:43 Russia
15. Nikolai Neumetzler, Ulrike Schulz/ Lokomoschine 7:24 Germany
16. Pyotr Zakrevsky The Letter 13:00 Russia
17. Pierre Ducos & Bertrand Bey LA Dente 7:30 France 
18. Zsófia Tari Szofia Land 5:35 Hungary 
19. Carlo Vogele Una furtiva lagrima 3:00 France 
20. Gyuhyun Kim Mirror 6:00 USA
21. Erik van Schaaik Pecker 2:55 Netherland
22. Leevi Lehtinen  Ego 10:00 USA
23. Sjaak Rood Coffee 5:46 Netherland
24. Omid Khoshnazar Parazit 8:30 Iran
25. Mohammad Hadadi pour Renovation 8:00 Iran
26. Shiva Sadegh Assadi I was two 5:30 Iran
27. Mehdi Khoramiyan Alchemist 10:00 Iran
28. Dastin  Grella  Prayers For Peace 7:30 USA 
29. Juan Montes de Oca She 19:00 Spain
30. Tod Polson Escape of the Gingerbread man 13:30 Thailand  
31. Srinivas Bhakta My father is a washerman 8:18 India
32. Srinivas Bhakta Frog in a well 4:22 India
33. Zvonimir Haramija Monster Master 5:36 Croatia
34. Leo Verier Dripped 9:00 France
35. Ben  Smith Robin Hood 10:00 UK
36. Ben  Smith  Sherlock Holmes 11:00 UK
37. Cesar Desmond Fernández Cahill  The umdoni tree 5:00 Spain
38. Dubravko Mataković  Cigla 8:30 Hrvatska  
39. Enrique Diego,Roci Galea, Daniel, Hernandez,Carlos Nicoll Moonface 6:00 Spain
40. Csaba Bardos Albert 5:55 Hungary
41. Peter Parr  Sumer Dream 5:32 UK
42. Oleg Uzhinov Laundry day 6:45 Russia 
43. Oleg Uzhinov The grand piano 6:55 Russia
44. Mateusz Heldwein  The Balad of Nameless Joe 13:29 Poland
45. Pawel Debski Lumberjack 14:47 Poland  
46. Patrick Schoenmaker The Itch 6:50 Netherland
Panoram 2012 Neum Animated Film Festival
1. Kim Nguyen  Patchi update 9:30 Germany
2. Enrique Cerrejón Wher’s beauty 9:00 Spain
3. Alen Zanjko Tide 6:08 Cro
4. M.Ondruch ,J.Mrazerk The Viev 6:41 Cezch Republic
5. Hana Kotlářová Romeo and Julijet 7:30 Cezch Republic
6. Jane Sablow  Wishful Thinking 4:50 USA
7. Jonathan Headon The Amazing Elephant Man 4:32 USA
8. V.Leshiov, k.Jancis Villa Antropoff 13:04 Latvia
9. David Rene Christensen Load 5:30 Canada
10. Christian Bøving-Andersen Ride of Pasage 4:56 Canada
11. Morten Helgeland  Slug Invasion 6:01 Canada
12. Juliette Loubieres Pumpkins and old lace 8:46 France
13. Martial Fontan,Guillaume Hoffmann, Boris Kaufmann, Deborah Yver Sun knapping 6:43 France
14. M. Elliot, B. Morteleque, V. Michel, P. Chendeljer, H.Jakson Electroshock 7:40 France
15. Julie Duvemeuil,Nicolas Perraguin Au poil 4:57
16. Lauta Sabourdy Deadline 4:27 France
17. FJafry  Hello Bambi 6:09 France
18. A Haberman  Bombaj Confusus 4:43 France
19. Johan Oettinger Seven minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto 7:42 Canada
20. Joeri Christiaen  Plankton invasion 7:30 France
21. Maria Hovenko, Inga Monaenkova  Narrative of Temporal Years 7:00 Russia
22. Oleg Uzhinov Home alone 6:53 Russia 
23. Yi Zhao On the water 8:20 Netherland
24. Job, Joris & Marieke Hapy camper 3:10 Netherland
25. Babak Nazari Sugarland 13:00 Iran
26. Jilli Rose Predator 8:40 Australia
27. Grant Orchard A Morning stroll 4:47 UK
28. MarynaSchipak Angelinho 4:28 Gernmany
29. Benjamin Swiczinsky  Heldenkanzler 12:45 Gernmany
30. Jan Lachuer,Thorsten Loffler Herr hope and the Nuclear Waste 4:17 Gernmany
31. Jumi Yoon Fairy tailing 3:59 France
32. Aleksander  Dietrich,Johanes Flick Trapped 7:11 Germany   
33. Nadezhda Slavova Wow 9:30 Bulgaria

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