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2013 Neum Animated Film Festival (Neum 29.06.2013. - 05.07.2013.) Last nigh, NAFF was closed with the projection and announcement of t he winner films of this year's 8th animated film festival, NAFF2013. The jury members; Jasna Žalica, Krešimir Šego i Pencho Kunchev have come to a conclusion after a long debate and decided that this year the grad prix goes to the film Junkyard by Hisk Hulsing.

As far as dimesional aspects are concerned than the three-member jury has decided that the best 3D film award goes to film by Marien Janiec. The Game while the best 2D film in NAFF13 is Fallin Floyd by the author-tandem Albert Hoof and Paco Vink from Netherlands.

The world of animation will certainly stay in good hands. This is predetermined by two works shich share the award for the best student film. I am Tom Moody by Scotsman Handersen and Kufer by a slovakian animator Julija Kolenakova.

The award fo the best music this year went to the temperament Spanish for the film Miserere by Mario Serrano Hervas whereas the award for the best visual quality went to the french film Jansen by Aude Danset and Carlos De Carvalha.

In the category puppets and other techniques the award went to the american Joane Gratz for Lost&Found. And finally, and this may be the sweetest award, the award oft he audience went to Great Britain to Ben Smith for the film The good, bad and horse.

And for the end we have a few more notes to refer. One of these is that over 400 films from 42 countries have applied, among which the dominating ones were France, Spain and USA. NAFF confirmed once again what it really means to be connecting the world of animation. S obzirom na impresije nakon festivala, izgleda puno uspješnije nego političkom diplomacijom! Considering the impressions gained by our guests after the festival, it seems much more effective than throughout a political diplomacy.

By confirming all the required criteria of quality, this closed the last year's NAFF which is probably one oft he most interesting festival sin the region and in BiH. This was confirmed by the participants and the visitors of NAFF, number of whom we didn't lack.
Members of international expert jury 2013 Neum Animated Film Festival
  Pencho Kunchev, born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1951. He graduates from studies in Film and TV Graphics at the Applied Arts School in Prague, Czechoslovakia, with animated film “Sonata Facile”, made from his drawings of Mozart’s native town Salzburg. During the same period he illustrates a book of Bulgarian fables, published by Albatros in Prague, and starts as animator and director at the Sofia Studio in Bulgaria. He is a Selection Committee Member and a Jury Member of many festivals in Europe and Asia. His articles on the art of animation are published in magazines and newspapers in Bulgaria and abroad. Pencho Kunchev is currently a President of ASIFA Bulgaria and ASIFA Board member. Till 2004 organizes the International Animation Day in Sofia and till 2010 is a member of the Organizing Committee of the World Animated Film Festival in Varna. Since 2009 he is a lecturer at Animated Film Department of New Bulgarian University in Sofia.
  Krešimir Šego, born in 1950 in Međugorje. He graduated sociology from Faculty of politic sciences in Sarajevo. He worked as a journalist in Sarajevo and as a professor in Čitluk. He is currently a freelance artist. Member of the croatian literature society. He writes poems, essays, literary critiques. His selected poems were published in german and polish.

  Jasna Žalica, born in Sarajevo. She graduated from the Academy of dramatic arts. She performed in over 30 plays, worked as an associate for stage movement. Jasna also played many roles for bosniak, croatian and serbian tv and film production. She is currently working for the Academy of performing arts as a professor of the class Movement.
Films in competition 2013 Neum Animated Film Festival
1. Ben Smith 20000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA 11:00 UK
2. Dina Velikovskaja MY STRANGE GRANDFATHER 08:40 Russia
3. Eva M Toth VOX ANIMAE 03:30 Hungary 
4. Joan C. Gratz LOST & FOUND 03.32 USA
5. Joeri Christiaen 850 METERS 14:45 France
6. Henrique Barone THIS IDEA IS NOT WORKING 04.29 Brazil
7. Mario Serrano Hervas MISERERE 11:00 Spain
8. Julia Kolenakova KUFOR 05:26 Slovakia
9. Juanma Suarez ALFRED & ANNA                15:00 Spain
10. Albert 't Hooft & Paco Vink FALLIN' FLOYD 08:51 Netherlands
11. Hisko Hulsing JUNKYARD 15:00 Netherlands
12. Anja Hartmann THE BIG NEKO MAO SHOW 04:41 Germany
13. J. Rembauville & N.Bianco-Levrin  IT’S A DOG’S LIFE 07:47 France 
14. Julia Ocker            KELLERKIND 09:30 Germany
15. Ivan Orkeny          TREPPENWITZ 12:36 USA
16. Stephen Irwin MOXIE   05.40 UK
17. Marcin Janiec THE GAME 05:10 Poland
18. Ben Smith THE GOOD BAD AND A HORSE 11:00 UK
19. Rubén Mateo-Romero GROWING LEO 09.00 Spain
20. Malaekeh Farhang Adib LIKE DREAM 04:48 Iran
21. Alireza Hashempour          ALZHEIMER 08:00 Iran
22. Daniel Dugour GRANNY LANE 02:50 Netherlands
23. Eloi Henriod      THE LITTLE BLOND BOY WITH A WHITE SHEEP 08.35 France
24. Ainslie Henderson I AM TOM MODY 06:55 Scotland
25. Henrique Barone TOUGH WEST 04:29 Brazil
26. Evalds Lacis HEDGEHOGS AND THE CITY 10:00 Latvia
27. Julie Rembauville & N. Bianco-Levrin PATAKES 10:40 France
28. Nemanja Gavrilović PEDDLER AND MONKEYS 05:40 Serbia
29. Vladimíra Macurová WHERE DO THE WILD BUTTERFILES GROW? 05:31 Czech Republic
30. Aude Danset&Carlos De Carvalho AUTUMN LEAVES 10:30 France
31. Kseniya Simonova THE LEGENDS OF RUSSIA 12:28 Ukraina
32. M.Bourgeais, R.Cohen, S.Dupont, G.Heux ANGLE MORT 08:30 France             
33. B.Laprade, F.Masson, S.Grard, T.Girettes LOUCHEBEM 05.13 France             
34. Jose Vicente, Yoan Poncent CUPIDON 08.29 France             
35. J.Smithies, E. M. Bueno, M.Moreno, H.Baily, Desmarcheiler, C. Turon ORIGAMI 08:29 France             
36. Piotr Ludwik          ON/OF    06:27 Poland
37. Kseniya Simonova CHRISMAS           07:19 Ukraina
38. Adriana Navarro Álvarez VIA TANGO 02:35 Spain
39. Adriana Navarro Álvarez N'DJEKOH 15:00 France
40. Franck Dion EDMOND WAS A DONKEY              15:00 France
41. Aleta Rajič LILAC 04:00 B&H
42. J. Sanchez Cervantes BITSELLER 10:00 Spain

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