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2014 Neum Animated Film Festival (Neum 26.06.2014. - 04.07.2014.) Special mention award went to the country of flamenco for the film "The Father" by Santiago Bou Grasso from Spain. This year was also significant for having an additional award- the audience award; both from Mostar and Dubrovnik. The audience from Mostar decided to hand in the award to the brasilian film 'Guida' by Rosane Urbes whereas the audience from Dubrovnik chose the film 'Self-portrait' by Thomas Cotolf from Netherlands.

The 'art award' went to romantic France for the film 'Centipede and the toad' by Anne Khmelkayeve. The best student film was a unanimous decision and the award went to the film 'A thing o small' by Mizmor Watzman from Israel. The best music award went to Madrid to the author Dimitry Voloshina in a film DJI death fails whereas the best animation clay-puppets animation went to slovenian 'Boles' by the author Špela Čadež. Finally the award for the best 3D animation went to a croatian film Clockwork heart by Manuel Šumberac while thew best 2D award went to a finnish film 'No time for toe's by Kari pieska. This year's Grand prix went to film "Oh Willy" by a belgian authors Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels.
Members of international expert jury 2014 Neum Animated Film Festival
  Darko Kreč, was born in 1958 in Varaždin. He graduated from Mining and Geotechnical Engineering Department in Zagreb. He is working on animation, comic books and illustrations professionaly. He has been working for Zagreb film since 1984 in cooperation of animators and directors of animated films. He did his first debut as an author with the film Duet, in 1988. He is author of many films that won many prizes on festivals around the globe. Currently, he is teaching classic animation at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb, in the animated film and new media department. He worked as a artistic counselor for animated film at the Ministry of culture of Croatia from 2005-2008. He has been a member of the Council of the festival of animated film- Animafest since 2006 and vicepresident of the council since 2010.

  Joan Gratz, An accomplished director, artist, and animator, Joan Gratz pioneered the animation technique known as claypainting. Her film Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase won the Academy Award in 1992. Joan lives on a houseboat in Portland, Oregon. Working with Will Vinton Studios from 1976 to 1987. During that time, her work included design and animation for the Academy Award nominees Return to Oz, Rip Van Winkle, and The Creation, which was the first film to feature claypainting. Since establishing her own studio, Gratzfilm, in 1987, she has received many honors for her personal and commercial work.

  Namik Kabil, was born in Tuzla in 1968. He graduated from film school at Santa Monica College and LA City College in LA, USA. He is currently living and working in Sarajevo as a novelist, script writer, film director...He is working as an editor of the documentary programme redaction for FTV. He directed and wrote many scripts for TV projects, feature films and documentaries. He is a winner of many awards for his acomplishments at the international festivals.
  Tsvetomira Nikolova, graduated of the National Academy of Drama& Film Arts, Sofia. Has worked as an animator, storyboard and layout artist at Animated Films’ Studio “Sofia”, Richard Williams Studio Ltd, London and cooperated with a number of Bulgarian and foreign productions and animated series. Has illustrated a number of books, mostly children’s literature. Teaches animation, character design and storyboard at the New Bulgarian University. She is author of several short films. Has just launched the small production company ANIMATO and registered as an independent animated films’ producer with the intention to produce her own films. She was a member of the jury at several international festivals.

  Elvedin Nezirović, Elvedin Nezirović was born in 1976 in Mostar. He graduated from the Educational Academy, Bosnian language and literature department at the University “Džemal Bijedić“ in Mostar, 1999 as well as from the Faculty of human sciences at the same university, English language and literature department in 2013. Two of his poetry collections were published: “Bezdan” and “Zvijer iz hotelske sobe” and a collection of stories Toliko o tome. Songs and stories are translated in English, German and Italian. He received several literature awards and is a member of the Society of writers BiH and Literary club Mostar. He is the director of the Music centre Pavarotti in Mostar.
Films in competition 2014 Neum Animated Film Festival
Brent Dawes  “TINY BUBBLES”  5:00 Južna Afrikaa
Emma Mc Cann  “SETLING”  8:16 Francuska
Thomas Coltof  “SELF PORTRAIT” 6:30 Nizozemska
Lotfi Mahfoudh  “BERBER WEDDING”  13:00 Tunis
Petra Varga  “I GOT NEIGHBOURS”  3:39 Mađarska
Manuel Šumberac  “CLOCKWORK HEART” 8:40 Hrvatska
F. Audagiori, M.L. Bonnet, R. Duché, B. Grynberg, P. S.-Pastou “THE CAVE IN THE ISLAND”  4:44 Francuska
Marten Koopman “TRAMPOLINE”  3:00 Nizozemska
Manddy Wyckens  “THE LONGEST ROAD”  4:04 Francuska
Krešimir Zimonić  “ZLATKINE ŽUTE MINUTE”  15:00 Hrvatska
Steven Subotnick  “LAKE”  4:00 SAD
Viola Baier  “WEDDING CAKE” 8:37 Njemačka
Kat Seale  “SAPLING”  3:46 UK
Amy Lee Ketchum  “TWO GHOSTS”  9:20 SAD
Mizmor Watzman  “A THING SO SMALL” 8:48  Izrael
László Ruska,David Ringeisen  “PAPERWORLD” 2:30 Mađarska
Tomislav Gregl  “ZULEJKA, THE LEGEND OF OGULIN”  7:06 Hrvatska
Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso  “FATHER”  11:00 Španija
Kari Pieska  “NO TIME FOR TOYS”  7:58 Finska
Angel Sandimas  “GERNIKA”  12:49 Španija
Ania Przybyłko  “THE BLUE TREE“  5:30 Poljska
Nicolás Conte  “I WANT IT“  8:00 Argentina
Y.Clement, R.Dumez, R.Lim,K. Palluet,M.Stofkooper, J.M. Vouillon “CATH A LOT “  3:47 Francuska
Anna Khmelevskaya  “THE CENTIPADE …“  10:00 Francuska
Jurinko Rajič  “LINDŽO“  4:00 BiH
Hugo Cierzniak  “DIP N’ DANCE“  6:15 Francuska
M.Ferencei, A.Shamsudin “LIGHTHOUSE“  12:07 Rep. Češka
Mikkel Okholm  “INTERWIEW” 6:42 Danska
Hillary Bradfield “EDITH AND THE BEAR”  6:33 SAD
Zsolt Bukta  “HERITAGE”  5:00 Mađarska
C.Kaewmanee, W. Phraejunya “NINE“  8:34 Tailand
Dmitri Voloshin  “DJI DEATH FAILS“  3:56 Moldavia
Špela Čadež  “BOLES“  12:20 Slovenija
Viktoria Piechowitz  “OUT OF BONDUS“  6:59 Danska
Rosana Urbes  “GUIDA“  11:18 Brazol
Guillaume Arantes  “A TALE“  2:28 Francuska
Laurent Boileau, Attie Albertus  “LADY OF NIGHT“  9:40 Francuska
Ben Smith  “THE LOST WORLD“  11:00 UK
 J.Roels,C.Shin,E.Guastella,D.Martins Da Silva, M.Jaouen  “MEET MEAT“  2:22 Francuska
Rusharil Hutangkabodee  “LIFE OF FIRE “  7:14 Tailand
Ina Georgieva  “HABITAT “ 4:22 Bugarska
Alexandra Averyanova  “SHADES OF GRAY “ 6:18 Rusija
Mauro Canaro  “HASTA SANTIAGO “ 12:45 Švicarska
Yi Chien Chen  “PLAYING THE PIANO“  3:30 Taiwan
Lucette Braune “FOREVER MIME  “  7:11  Nizozemska
R.Aillet, A.Bass, C.Chaudat, É. Devillée, M.Moreira “L’INCORABLE MORREC“  5:39 Francuska
Hadi Yaghinlou  “WHY THIS TELEPHONE NEVER RINGS?“  8:20 Iran
Álvaro Granados  “EI DEANN“  5:00 Španija
E.De Swaef & M. James Roels  “OH  WILLY“  16:45 Nizozemska
Lea Kralj Jager  “AT FIRST SIGHT“  7:06 Hrvatska
Evgenia Gostrer   “FRAMED”  4:56 Njemačka
Livio Raja  “INDUSTRY”  3:35 Hrvatska

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