NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

2016 Neum Animated Film Festival (Neum 25.06.2016. - 01.07.2016.) Five-member jury including; mr. Goran Milić, mr. Thomas Stellmach, ms. Maja Lasić, mr. Mirsad Purivatra and mr. Ramon Lopez Seco de Herrera have made their verdict about the winners of the festival according to the following categories:

1. The best music award goes to „ARIADNE'S THREAD“ by a swiss author Claude Luyet. We are pleased to have mr.
2. The award for the best film in the graphic design and art category goes to film THE BEARD by Sofiko Badalova .
3. The award for the best student film goes to France for the film Anna by Alexie Rubod.
4. The award for the best film in the category 'other techniques/kolaž' goes to film The MEEK by an australian author Joe Brumma.
5. The best 3D film award goes to SHIFT by an american author duo Cecilie Puglesi i Yijun Liu. The award for ms.
6. The best 2D film award goes to film BINGO by Patrick Shoenmaker from Netherlands.
7. Being a partner of NAFF, OSCE mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina started a separate award category for promotion of human rights last year. This year this award goes to film THINGS I WANT TO DO by a spanish author Gerardo, de la Fuente López

GRAND PRIX winner of NAFF 2016 goes to Beard by Sofiko Badalove!
Members of international expert jury 2016 Neum Animated Film Festival
Goran Milić (Croatia) , is director of news and programs on Al Jazeera, a long time journalist, editor and director of numerous media outlets, including TV Belgrade, YUTEL, Mreža, VIN, HTV. He has also presented edited more than a thousand TV programs and is the author of over 120 documentaries and travel shows. He was also working as a NY reporter for the RadioTV Belgrade and has also worked as a professor at the University of Belgrade from 1985 to 1988. He had been working as an editor and a presenter for the TV diary Yutel after which he worked as an editor of a journalist center of the war government of B&H and the spokesperson of Olimpic delegation to B&H in Barcelona. Since 1997 he has been working as an editor and presenter at the Croatian radio-tv . Since 2011 he has been working as the news director and program editor at Al Jazeera Balkans. Speaks several foreign languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. He was named a winner journalist of 2007. Sixth-april award of Sarajevo in 1992, and a Svetozar Marković award in Serbia in 1984.

Maja Lasić (BiH) , born in 1973. in Mostar where she graduated from the following universities: Faculty of philosophy in Mostar(Croatian language and literature department) and humanist sciences(department of dramatic arts-acting) at the university of Džemal Bijedić in Mostar where she played over hundred performances. She directed several shows for children. She has been the executive director of the manifestation for the festival ‘Days of film’ in Mostar since 2007. until today. She has been working as an assistant for the following classes at the University for natural sciences and mathematics in Mostar: ‘Puppetry and performing culture’ and ‘Film, TV and radio culture’.

Mirsad Purivatra (BiH) , born in Sarajevo in 1958. Was a member and director of Soros Fond Open Society BiH (1994-1996) as well as the director of BHRTV, and a general director of BiH marketing agency MacCann Erickson (2000-2004). Today he is permanently working as a director of Sarajevo Film Festival. He was also a member of jury on many other festivals like Tribeca Film Festival, Berlinale Panorama, Taormina Film Festival. Currently teaching production at the Academy of performing arts in Sarajevo.He received a Chevalier de l’ordre des arts et des lettres from the Republic of France in May 2008. Producer of many short films within the SARAJEVO THE CITY OF FILM project from 2009-20013.

Ramon Lopez Seco De Herrera (Spain) , graduate in History (Archaeology and Medieval History), University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain,Photography classes in Badajoz, Spain,Drawing and painting classes in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Theatre classes in Cuarta Pared/ Madrid. He was a Modeling Artist at Blue Sky Studios, I’ve worked in several cg movies: Thesis Advisor at School of Visual Arts (SVA), for Cecilia Puglesi and Yijun Liu: short-film Shift (2015) finalist in 2015 Annie Awards. He also worked as a freelance for Blur Studio, for the project Skylanders (2014) He did a lot of 3D work as freelance and living classes of Photoshop, Maya and 3DMax. Used to work as freelance photographer and drawing artist.

Thomas Stellmach (Germany) , bor 1965, Straubing, Germany. Directed, animated and produced several independent films, that received many international awards, under which the following is the most outstanding: The Oscar® 1997 granted for the puppet animation film Quest. Thomas STELLMACH studied at the Department of Animation at the Art College of Kassel in Germany, being taught by the well-known artist Paul Driessen. Having received his Degree of Arts in 1999 Stellmach founded the animation studio “Lichthof, Film & Animation” with two partners in Kassel and produced animation films for television and advertising. In 2009 he has left his company to focus on artistic animation projects. His newest animated experimental film Virtuoso Virtual(Virtuoso Virtual) which was co-directed by Maja Oschmann and finished in 2013. Stellmachs fields of experience contains 3D computer animation, stop-motion, cartoon and pixilation. So far Stellmach held workshops at various academies, e.g.

Films in competition 2016 Neum Animated Film Festival
SAND CASTLE Paul Bar, Marion Demaret, Nadège Forner, Pierre-Baptiste Marty, Julien Robyn, Jordan Soler 6:14 France
VIOLET Maurice Joyce 7:58 Ireland  
BEND DON´T BREAK Pia Djukic   3:27 Germany
THE BEARD Sofika Badalova  7:03 Russia
FULL FEATHER JACKET  Liz el Saadany   3:00 Netherlands
14 Amélie Graffet, Cyril Flous, Roxane Martinez, David Jurine, Juliette Coutellier, Charlotte Da-Ros 6:52 France
SHIFT  Cecilia Puglesi, Yijun Liu 5:23 SAD
MISHIMASAIKO Aude Danset 14:00 France
BINGO! Patrick Schoenmaker 3:00 Netherland

ARID Charl Van Der Merwe  4:10 South Africa
CHILD DREAM Claude Luyet   10:18 France
THE WHISPER Kai-Huei Li 4:00 Taiwan
CROWDED  Broersma Freark 16:00 Netherland
PRIMAL FLUX Joan C. Gratz 3:11 USA
THE SHORT STORY OF A FOX AND A MOUSE Camille CHAIX, Hugo JEAN, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier, Kevin Roger 6:14 France
SEESAW Mina Cvetinović  7:10 Serbia
A TASTE OF REIGN Stefan Katanić   4:29 Serbia
ANNA  Alexia RUBOD, Antoine POYARD, Jordann JACOBÉ, Alexis CHOQUARD, Sophie  BRACMARD, Yunhan LIU  6:52 France
MY GRANDFATHER WAS A CHERRY TREE Olga Poliektova, Tatiana Poliektova  12:30 Russia  
MUSICIDIO  Ferriol Tugues   5:56 Spain

CATCH IT Paul BAR, Marion DEMARET, Nadège FORNER, Pierre-Baptiste MARTY, Julien ROBYN, Jordan SOLER 5:14 France
THE EAR OF VAN GOGH Thiago Franco   10:50 Brasil
DON'T FORGET ABOUT MORI Shiryaeva Maria 8:30 Russia
OFTEN THE NIGHT COMES Paola Luciani  5:37 Italy
BYLY AND BUD Gaëtan Jayle, Guillaume Zaouche, Matthieu Morice, Matéo Ravot,Valentin Panisset   6:49 France
DROPART Monika Rogalska 2:45 Poland  
CHIMERA Clément Holvoet    11:03 France
THE MEEK Joe Brumm 7:26 Austarlia
MIRIAM`S STRAY DOG   Andres Tenusaar   5:00 Estonia  
TRANSPARENCY Daniel Šuljić   6:30 Croatia
THEY LIVE BY NIGHT  Goran Trbuljak 8:18 Croatia

THE HEAD VANHISES Franck Dion 6:16 France
THAT'S MINE! Maryam Kashkoolinia   6:00  Iran   
JUTI Hathaichanok  Chiengthong  7:13 Thailand
EMELYA THE HUNTER Yuliya Mikushina 13:00 Russia
JAILBREAK Aaron Sorenson 1:20 USA
ISLANDER'S REST Claudius Gentinetta,Frank Braun  15:00 Switzerland
WITNESS Hugo Rizzon, Christ Ibovy, Alexandre Berger 5:14 France  
MIDNIGHT SINS Marino Guarnieri   3:40 Italy
THE SCAPE Douglas Alves Ferreira  11:00 Brasil
OTHER Jeffig Le Bars 4:30 France  
ARIADNE’S THREAD Claude Luyet   13:00 France

THINGS I WANT TO DO Ferriol Tugues 4:00 Spain
SLOW WAVE Andy Kennedy   3:33 USA
VOLTAIRE  Jan Snoekx  12:00 Belgium
NORTH Juan José Zanoletty Aguilera  6:00 Spain   
COPYCAT Aviv Tal   7:00 Israel    
SPRING IN AUTUMN Tatiana Koublitskaja   10:00 Belarus  
AROMANTIC TEA Danielle Bethel 3:36 UK
MYCROFT Clément Holvoet 8:24 France
RESSAC Gaëtan Jayle, Guillaume Zaouche, Matthieu Morice, Matéo Ravot,Valentin Panisset    5:48 France  
OFF BELAY Siniša Mataić 10:00 Croatia
BIT BY BIT Yasser Haidar 6:30 Canada
A SWAN HAS A PLAN Thomas Schneider-Trumpp 6:22 Germany

Panoram 2016 Neum Animated Film Festival
Panorama 1.      
THE BOY WHO COULD FLY  Douglas Alves Ferreira 10:00 Brasil   
MASTERCAT  Margaux Rosiau, Geoffrey Bourrissoux, Camille Aubé, Maud Biscay  7:13 Tailand
CONTE ORIENTAL Mélanie Le Forban, Marjorie Jarnigon, Camille Fache, Charly Boyer 6:54 France
MORNING SONG  Matias Carrizo 2:51 UK
FIVE SHEEP  Stepanova Maria  900 Russia  
PERFECT HOUSEGUEST  Matias Carrizo 2:00 US
BELLS Nadav Nachmany  3:55 Israel
 CLOUDY GOATS  Hamid Karimian  5:00 Iran
PUTSCH  Julie Artigny, Claire Courrier, Florent Bossoutrot, Camille Savary, Lisa Bouët 6:10 France
HUNTING Chun-Hao Chen  2:30 Taiwan

Panorama 2.
NEILA  Audrey Bellot, Laurene Desoutter, Amandine Fernandes, Ludivine Lahaeye, Lucas Langou, David Tabar, Guillaume Vezzoli Et Eline Zhang  9:07 France
A LITTLE STAR Svetlana Andrianova 5:30 Russia  
MADAMA BUTTERFLY  Andreas Kessler 5:00 Germany
SWITCH MAN Shao-Kuei Tung 3:38 Taiwan
DAVE Garry J. Marshall, Chris Watson 13:42 UK
TINY POWER  Chen Chang 2:10 USA
DELIVERY Leslie Belot, Thibaut Scalesse, Sophie Blayrat, Kai Huang Loan Torres  6:30 France
TIME TO BED Ya-Hsuan Hsiao 2:51 Taiwan

Panorama 3.
HALABUDKA  Depoyan Manuk  11:00 Ukraine   
LIMA Vahid Jafari, Afshin Roshanbakht 14:15 Iran  
SAVE AS Arthur Bourdot, Maxime Dupuy, Luc Giraud, Mathieu Paggi  6:00 France
MOROSHKA  Polina Minchenok  7:46 Russia
HUNTER Hossein Banna Razavi 5:30 Iran  
WITHIN THY WALLS  Omer Sharon, Daniella Scnitzer 7:17 Israel
HOLY CITY Mor Galperin,Inbal Benzur 2:01 Israel
JUNK  Walter Tournier 5:00 Uruguay   

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