NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

This year’s Neum Animated Film Festival will be supported by the Regional office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. 2021 Neum Animated Film Festival

At the sixteenth edition of NAFF, part of the conference and competition program will be held as part of the Festivals cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation's regional office for South-eastern Europe (FES SOE). Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a German foundation that has been active in Bosnia and Herzegovina for two decades through a national office, and since 2016. the Foundation's office, which works on the South-eastern Europe regional level, has been present in Sarajevo.

As part of the rich program of the Festival, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation will give its contribution to the part of the program that will provide space for animated films with environmental protection and tackling climate changes topics. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness about preserving and improving the environment. Through its existing work, FES SOE is conducting several activities at the regional level which are related to topics concerned with suppression of environmental and climate change consequences. Foundation activities are directed towards different actors, from environmental activists, political actors, non-government and international organisations. Nevertheless, FES SOE recognized the importance of communicating these topics towards general public, especially young people, and precisely through film art.

The topic of protection and preservance of environment, and climate challenges are often considered in framework of professional and, often, high politics discussions, which makes them less accessible to public space. Yet, our lives are inevitably under the influence of the problems that endanger the health of the environment, and consequently the health of people. So it is of great importance to raise awareness in public space about the way environment is endangered and how to solve those challenges, both individually and systematically.

FES SOE supports the educational potential that NAFF possesses, and it will be our pleasure to support the NAFF panorama program and the conference as part of the Festival's program that will host a representative of FES SOE office, and authors of the films which are related to these important topics, from China, Ecuador, Netherlands, France and Ireland.

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