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American film "Forex" won the Grand Prix award 2021 Neum Animated Film Festival

The sixteenth edition of the Neum Animated Film Festival ended on July 1st. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the festival was held online this year as well. By adding up the scores of seven members of the expert jury, the winners of eight awards were announced. The Grand Prix award of this year's NAFF edition was won by the film "Foreign Exchange", by Corrie Francis Parks from the USA. Corrie Francis Parks animates sand and other unusual materials, her film raises the question: How much is a handful of sand worth in the vast landscape of the global economy?

The award for the best 2D animation went to the Bosnian author Aleta Rajič, for the film "Natural selection", while the film "This side, other side" from Iran was declared the best in the category of 2D and 3D animation.

According to the expert jury, the film "Flower and the girl" from Great Britain had the best clay puppet animation, while the award for visual art went to Roman Burmakov, the author from Russia for his film "Krasnoludki"..

The award for the best music at the 16th online edition of NAFF went to the film "The March of the Missing" from Mexico, by author Marcos Almada.

Film "Croach" from Argentina was declared the best student film, while the award Dušan Vukotić, which has been awarded since 2017 in honor of the Oscar winner, went to the author from Serbia this year - Masha Avramović for the film "Stuck together". This award is given to young authors in the region as an incentive for further work.

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