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Grand Prix goes to film Bestia by a chilean author Hugo Covarubias 2022 Neum Animated Film Festival

The best art award goes to an Israeli author Hana Dombe for the film „Fledge“. She is not here tonight but will accept the award additionally.

The best music award goes to Bestia by Chilean author Hugo Covarrubias. Congratulations!

The best student film award goes to a Check film 'Mom is always right' by Maria Urbankova who is also not here with us but will accept her award additionally.

The award for the best other technique; puppet, clay, kolaž goes to another Israeli author Galia Osmo for her film 'One last wish'. Please welcome Galia who is here tonight to recieve her award. Congratulations Galia!

A special award category is Dušan Vukotić category which we started in 2017 and it is given predominantly to young authors as a form of support in their future work. This year the award goes to Aleksandra Krivolutskaia for the film „The Encounter“.

The best 3D award goes to 'Samurai frog golf' by a Japonese author Brent Forrest.

Best 2D animation this year goes to an animator from Italy Simone Massi for his film 'Every sunrise'. The award will be handed in additionally because Simone couldn't be with us tonight. Congratulations!

And finally the best of the best, GRAND PRIX goes to the already awarded film BESTIA by a chilean author Hugo Covarubias. Author will recieve both of his awards additionally. Big congratulations!
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