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A masterclass held by a director and an Emmy winner, Carolyn Gair 27/08/2023 | Neum Animated Film Festival On the second day of the 18th edition of the International Animated Film Festival NAFF 2023, three programs were shown. In the evening, viewers enjoyed competition and student films on the terrace of the Sunce Hotel, while the first panorama program was shown during the day.

The master class lecture on Sunday, August 27 was given by Carolyn Gair, director and Emmy winner, who lives in Los Angeles.

Gair has over 30 years of experience in the animation industry, and has worked with all major studios including Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Illumination and Paramount. This year, she arrived in Neum as a member of the jury.

"You get better with every picture"

The director, whose work has been seen in more than twenty countries and translated into several languages, spoke at NAFF about the stop motion technique, which she started experimenting with for Instagram in 2014.

In the beginning, she didn't do very well, she said at the lecture in Neum.

"In the beginning, I made everything just for myself. Over the years, I became crazier and crazier, I used everything from the house and thought about how I could use it. With every frame, every picture, experiment - you get better and better. If you start with something small, you can make something big later,'' said Carolyn, talking about her work in stop motion technique.

"The freedom to fail is the freedom to succeed," she added.

Carolyn was the lead story editor for Free Birds - working with writer/producer David Stern and director Ash Brannon; she was Brannon's editor-in-chief on Mandoo, Rock Dog. She also worked on jokes with comedians Steve Martin and Eddie Izzard, and helped develop scripts and contributed to the overall structure and story of several feature films.

Two Croatian films in the competition program

The Iranian film that was shown on the second night of NAFF called ''The Past'' shows that films with serious themes are shown at NAFF. The film was shown in the competition program, and author Hamid Mohammadi used the stop motion technique.

The film is about a writer who receives threats from government officials to stop writing for political reasons.

Two Croatian films also found their place at NAFF this year. Andrej Rehak's "Paradigm" and Lea Vidaković's "Family Portrait" are fighting for one of the prizes in the competition program this year.

Audiences love student films

After the second competition program, nine student films were shown - which won the hearts of the audience on the terrace of the Sunce Hotel in Neum.

During the 18th edition of NAFF, a total of 81 films from 31 countries will be screened in three programs: competition, student and panorama programs.

The festival will be officially closed on August 30 with the awarding of eight awards: Grand Prix, best 2D animation, best 3D animation, best clay doll animation, best music, prize for art, best student film and award in honor of Oscar winner Dušan Vukotić, which is awarded to young regional authors as an incentive for further work.
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