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The third day of the International Animated Film Festival in Neum was marked by a master class held by Galia Osmo 28/08/2023 | 2023 Neum Animated Film Festival The third day of the International Animated Film Festival in Neum was marked by a master class held by Galia Osmo and screenings of 12 films in the competition and nine in the student program.

Earlier that day, another panorama program was screened. Due to the bad weather conditions, all projections were moved from the terrace of the Sunce Hotel to the hotel's congress hall.

An emotional return to Neum

During her masterclass, Galia Osmo spoke about the doll technique and the process of creating her film "The Last Wish", which was awarded at NAFF 2022 in the category of best clay-doll animation. This year Osmo is a member of the expert jury.

"It is very emotional for me to return to Neum, but when you are a member of the jury - then you have a greater responsibility. You have to look at everything, think about those films, the elements that were used. It represents a great responsibility, but because of that you are more concentrated on the festival,'' said the Israeli director.

Although only three competition programs were presented at the festival, this jury member is satisfied with the quality of the films she has seen at the 18th edition of NAFF so far.

"So far, I've seen excellent films, and some already stand out. I liked one German movie, it's funny and the story is excellent. The story has to be good. Even if the animation isn't the best, it is the story that pulls it all off...and that feeling you get while watching a film. I expect to see more great films and different ideas from authors by the end of NAFF, because it's fascinating to me how many people have talent and passion for animation,'' said the director and animator from Tel Aviv.

Moreover, Galia is the author of a short film which was presented at festivals in Israel and all around the world as well as a couple of TV channels.

Because of love, the mountain turns pink.

Thomas Kunstler, author from Greece, also arrived to Neum this year.

His film "Pink Mountain" will be shown on Tuesday, August 29.

The film was made using the puppet technique and it is about an Ottoman fairy tale. A magical story about forbidden love and how a young florist "painted" a mountain pink for the love of lady Vassiliki, the favorite of the despotic Ali Pasha, ruler of the mysterious Balkan city - the state of Janjina, at the crossroads of Greek, Albanian and Turkish culture.

"The films I have seen so far at NAFF are of high quality. I liked some more, some less. I personally prefer the stop-motion technique, but the most important thing is the story in the film,'' said the author from Greece.

Serbian film in competition

Competition program also included a Serbian film made in 2D technique by authors Ana Nedeljković and Nikola Majdak who are competing for one of the eight NAFF awards with their film "Money and Happiness". This year, NAFF will end with the official announcement of the best animated films which will be awarded accordingly at the closing ceremony on August 30th
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