NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

2010 Neum Animated Film Festival (Neum 26.06.2010. - 02.07.2010.) After afive-day long screening of the animated films at the terase of the Sunce hotel in Neum, members of the expert jury have selected awarded films in five categories.The awards have been given for the best 2D animation, 3D animation, other techniques, best music and visual effects.

The award for the best 2D animation went to film „The dog named Roska“ by russian author Andrey Sokolov. Award for the ''other techniques'' went to „Miracle lady“ by author M.Somer from Israel. Best 3D animation went to a russian film „1,2,3 lights on the christmas tree“ by Oleg Uzhinov. Award for best music this year went to Spain for animated film „Margarita“ by Alex Cervantes. Award for best visual effects went to animated film „My way“ by Veljko Popović and S.Janković from Croatia. The public award, the grand-prix , goes to the russian animated film „How they met“ by Denis Cheryyatsov.
Members of international expert jury 2010 Neum Animated Film Festival
  Vesna Dovniković, was born in Zagreb in 1950, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, course german and philosophy. From 1980 and 1992 to 2000. she has been working in the organisation of the World festival of animated film in Zagreb. Since 2000. she has been the leading secretary of ASIF organisation. She participated at the international simposium about animated film in the USA, China, Korea, Bulgaria and was a member of the international juries of animated film in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, USA, Russia and China. Since 2003 she has been the president of the ASIFA in Croatia. From 2003 he has been organizing an anual film manifestation “Day of croatian animation” 2006, she has been pronnounced as a guest professor at Jilin College Umjetnosti i Dizajna province Jilin. In 2009 she was selected for a co-president of the Council of the world festival of Animated film in Zagreb. In 2010 as an art director she organizes her first nationalfestival of animated film in Croatia- in Zagreb February 20th and 21st.
  Pjer Žalica, was Born in Sarajevo. Studied comparative literature and philosophy on Faculty of philosophy in Sarajevo. Graduated in directing at the Academy of performing arts in Sarajevo. Author and director of many TV shows, series, documentaries and movies,commercials and theatre pieces. One of the partners in the “Refresh” production house. Producent of the motion picture “Buick Riviera” and many short films. He is a professor at the Academy of performing arts in Sarajevo, prodean for educational system. A member of the Europe Film Academy.

  Mia Begović, graduated in 1986 from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Her debut role was Hella in M. Bugalkov's Master and Margherite performed in the Croatian National Theatre. She has worked with directors such as Spaic, Paro, Habunek, Juvancic and Vitez. She has starred in over 50 plays, 20 films and several TV shows. Her roles include Iphigenia, Lady Paola, baroness Lehotska, Donna Ana. She has also performed in The Vagina Monologues set in Zagreb. She has performed throughout Croatia and abroad. Internationally she has performed in Germany, USA, Australia and New Zealand. She is a winner of a several actor's awards, including the Orlando Award at the Dubrovacke ljetne igre Festival, The Best Female Histrion at the Zagrebaèko histrionsko ljeto Festival and The Best Actress of Yugoslavia in 1986. She now works with Kerempuh Satirical Theatre.

  Victor Azeev was born in Smolensk in 1955. In 1977 he graduated at st.Petersburg at the University for film and TV. In 1990, he graduated from directing at the State bureau for Cinematography. Since 1993, Victor Azeev started working on TV as a writer, producer, operator and official producer. He organized a small but afficient team (6 persons) which produces acc 12 min of animation per week. He worked on TV “fresh wind”, ORT (1 kom central russian TV channel), 1st russian music channal MUZ-TV, channel <REN-TV>, ATV, TV “Confetti”. From 2004 to 2006- the leading director of the international SAT TV Channel <WorldMadeChannel>, from 2008-the leading director of the regional TV channel “Suburbs”. From 2006, he works as the lecturor at VGIK(workshop of directing and multimedia). As a writer and director Victor Azeev makes animated films and programmes, commercialsand music videos.

  Šerif Aljić, an actor and a director of the National theater in Mostar since 2004. He graduated performing arts in Sarajevo 1977. He performed in the following theaters. Chamber theater 55, Sarajevo from 1975 to 1977. (7 premieres and over 100 reruns), National theater of Montenegro (Titograd) Podgorica from 1977 to 1979 (9 premieres and over 150 reruns), Croatian National Theater in Mostar ( 3 premieres and over 30 reruns) National theater of Mostar (49 premieres and over 950 reruns). Directed 5 plays. Award winner for directing in 1979. Performed on radion, TV and film.
Films in competition 2010 Neum Animated Film Festival
1. Daniel's journey Luis Zamora Pueyo 13:50 Spain 
2. Little Quentin Albert't Hoof, Paco Vink 10:00 Netherland 
3. Miram's broken picture Priit Tender 5:00 Estonia 
4. Until we'l find a place Rehana Kol 3:00 Izrael  
5. Margarita Alex Cervantes 13:30 Spain
6. Uncle Maciej Sznabel 8:00 Polska
7. Amysterius fish Giovani Maccelli 9:40 Spain
8. Shipwrecked J.M.Monsterid,J.C.C.Belda 8:15 Spain
9. Once there was a fly Alena Oyatyeva 13:00 Russia
10. Les grands chevaux Joris Clerte 3:00 France
11. Dance with me Omer Erlich 5:00 Israel
12. Backwards Aaron Hughes 4:30 USA 
13. Silence Borivoj Dovinković-Bordo 8:24 Croatia 
14. One, two, three-light the New Year tree ! Oleg Uzhinov 6:40 Russia 
15. Magus Maximus Emanuel Strixner 7:50 Germany
16. Dreammaker  Laszek Plichta 14:00 Germany 
17. Parade Pjer Emanuel Ivet 8:00 France
18. Cristobal Colon D.Gačić, Đokić 8:00 Croatia 
19. The cat keeper Fernando Cortizo 14:00 Spain
20. Soul Udo Prinsen 4:00 Netherland
21. Banny and the stream Milan Blažeković 5:47 Croatia 
22. Fishing with Sam Atle S. Blakseth 6:00 Norwey 
23. Kill the surfers L' Atelier Colectif 3:23 Belgium
24. Homba Anton Kalchenko 7:52 Russia 
25. Yulia Antoine Arditti 5:52 France 
26. Fard David Alapont - Luis Briceno 12:55 France
27. Miracle lady Moran Somer, Michal Abulafia 10:06 Israel
28. Rescal's street Marcos Valin 3:00 Spain 
29. Great expectitions Alexei Gubenco 3:00 Romania
30. Mei Ling Stephanie Lansaque,Francois Leroy  15:00 France 
31. Reap what you see Alex Collier, Jurate Gecaite 10:24 UK
32. Brother in arm Eliot Cowan 4:23 USA
33. Wings and oars Vladimir Leschiov 5:38 Latvia
34. How they met Denis Chervyatsov 6:40 Russia 
35. There's bliss in the kiss Melanie Beiswenger 1:17 Singapore
36. Gig“Put do zvijezda Hrvoje Habljak 6:32 Croatia
37. Two princesses Maria Stepanova 8:52 Russia 
38. Cranks Jacques Khouri 1:35 USA 
39. Territory Wei Hou 2:16 Germany
40. Sol Harry Wormald 4:07 UK
41. Juytaposer Joanna Davidovich 3:36 USA 
42. Ego sum petrus Julien Dexant 4:15 France
43. Moj put V. Popović, S. Junaković 6:40 Croatia
44. Rudijev leksikon Nedeljko Dragić 1:30 Croatia
45. Hexameron Marcin Dabrowski 3:00 Poland
46. Seed Shu Tsen Liu 3:35 USA 
47. Variete Roelof van den Berg 4:48 Netherlands
48. Lucidity Jaime Andrews 3:47 USA 
49. Pivot Andre Bergs 5:00 Netherland
50. About St. Basil Natalia Berezovaya 12:00 Russia
51. The dog named Rozka Andrey Sokolov 12:00 Russia
52. Inside the Box John Doublestein 3:30 USA 
53. The horned Khan Sergey Gordeev 12:00 Russia 
Panoram 2010 Neum Animated Film Festival
1.  The most scary animal Dimitry Rezchikov 5:50 Russia 
2. Hunger J.G.Castellanos,R.Prades 7:00 Spain 
3. An abstract day Oerd van Cuijlenborg 6:00 Niderland 
4. The azure soul Yulia Gromskaya 4:00 Italia
5. Like crude oil Daniel Pardo 4:00 Italia 
6. Transpotting Ivan Willockx 4:05 Belgium 
7. The Little Dragon Bruno Collet 8:15 France
8. Hermanos Mario Ayala 0:00 Spain 
9. Allons-y“!Alonzo Camille Moulin-Dupre 7:52 France
10. Ad Vitam 10 adults coordinated by
Mathew Labaye  
8:00 Belgium 
11. Hudud 12 palestinian tenagers
coordinated by
Louise-Marie Colon &
Delphine Hermans
8:00 Belgium 
12. Blanco Kristina Frank 7:35 Sweden
13. The puppets Olzen Akin 4:32 Česka Rep.
14. For Fishful of Snow Julien Ezri 5:42 Switzerland
15. Wondermilk Ivan Ramadan 7:00 BiH

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