NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

Neum Animated Film Festival
International animated film festival
Neum Animated Film Festival is individual legal subject that works on propagande of animated film among young people in BiH and other countries. Its main goal is positive influence on developement of film industry and culture through creative meetings and coorporation of young people.

Festivala awards 1. Grand Prix
2. Award for the best 2D animation
3. Award for the best 3D animation
4. Award for the best animation plasteline-dolls
5. Award for the best music
6. Award for the best students film
7. Award for the best art
8. Award Dušan Vukotić
9. Award city Mostar
Neum Animated Film Festival developed from three working camps of animated cartoon: RAFF 2006, NEUM 2005, MOSTAR 2004 and NEUM 2004. 110 children from BiH, including 20 of their professors were participants of these camps. 6 short animated films were made in these three camps: ŽABA, MODELINA, OLOVKO, MOSTARSKI LETAČI, MOJA MALA VALA and NAŠA POSLA.

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