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Winners of the Neum Animated Film Festival 20162016 Neum Animated Film Festival

Five-member jury including; mr. Goran Milić, mr. Thomas Stellmach, ms. Maja Lasić, mr. Mirsad Purivatra and mr. Ramon Lopez Seco de Herrera have made their verdict about the winners of the festival according to the following categories:

1. The best music award goes to „ARIADNE'S THREAD“ by a swiss author Claude Luyet. We are pleased to have mr.
2. The award for the best film in the graphic design and art category goes to film THE BEARD by Sofiko Badalova .
3. The award for the best student film goes to France for the film Anna by Alexie Rubod.
4. The award for the best film in the category 'other techniques/kolaž' goes to film The MEEK by an australian author Joe Brumma.
5. The best 3D film award goes to SHIFT by an american author duo Cecilie Puglesi i Yijun Liu. The award for ms.
6. The best 2D film award goes to film BINGO by Patrick Shoenmaker from Netherlands.
7. Being a partner of NAFF, OSCE mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina started a separate award category for promotion of human rights last year. This year this award goes to film THINGS I WANT TO DO by a spanish author Gerardo, de la Fuente López

GRAND PRIX winner of NAFF 2016 goes to Beard by Sofiko Badalove!

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