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NAFF turns 17 after two pandemic years 2022 Neum Animated Film Festival

At a full terrace of hotel Sunce on Saturday, August 27, Neum animated film festival was oficially opened and held onsite. Alongside the versetile ceremonial program including neum majorettes, followed by several speeches of our sponsors and friends of the festival, as well as the all-women singing ensemble Kolajna Komin, we have successfully opened the festival of animation. The pleasure of having festival onsite again after two years of pandemic disruption was something that one of the members of festival organization and representative of KAN, Rajna Rajič, couldn't hide either: „Animation was restless during these past two years and animators were very hardworking. They have been creating new works of art, new animated films and all of us in the KAN organization have prepared only the best, just like we have been doing for the past 16 years. Hopefully you will see that these are not just cartoons for children but films with a rather important social, political and life message to them.“ – stated Rajič.

Dragan Jurković, the major of Neum municipality stated that this is his first time at NAFF as a major and that Neum municipality will gladly participate in the future years everything the organizers have created for years.
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