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„Dog apartment“ is the winner of 18th NAFF 2023 Neum Animated Film Festival

The eighteenth edition of NAFF International Animated Film Festival ended on August 30, 2023 in Neum with the closing ceremony of announcing winning films.

The grand prix went to the film "Dog apartment" from Estonia. Priit Tender, the author of the film, also received the award for the best clay-doll animation, in addition to the main award this year.

The winning film tells a story about the unfortunate fate of a ballet dancer Sergei, who is deported to a suburban kolkhoz (collective farm). There, he fights against routine, domestic animals and alcohol every day.

The best student film this year is 98M3 from France, which is signed by five authors.

We have been handing out an award in honor of our most famous Oscar winner Dušan Vukotić, since 2017 as an incentive for further work by regional authors - this year it went to Slovenia for the film "Kurent".

The best 2D animation at the 18th NAFF went to the American author Patrick Smith and his film "Pour generation".

This year, a Greek film "Pink Mountain" won two awards. The author Thomas Kunstler was awarded for the best music and the best artwork as well.

"I especially want to thank everyone for their hospitality. I spent really wonderful days in Neum and I hope to come back again,'' said Thomas Kunstler.

Two authors from Germany were also awarded at NAFF, and their film "Reincarnation mall" received recognition for the best 3D animation. Eric Giessmann and Piers Goffart received their recognition in Neum at the closing award ceremony.

After the awards ceremony, the guests of the International Animated Film Festival in Neum enjoyed the screenings of the award-winning films.
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